Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How To Extract a Narcissistic Parasite

For a narcissistic parasite the most powerful method of extraction is starvation. You must completely withdraw your energy from the parasite until it is forced to go elsewhere for food. You do this by ignoring him completely. Don’t react, don’t respond, don’t engage!!! ZERO attention!

It is extremely important that you put your emotions aside during this process. You must NOT under any circumstances entertain the illusion of love that was created to suck you in. Think about it. It worked the first time, why wouldn’t he keep trying to convince you? He doesn’t want to lose a food source.

But if you starve the beast he will eventually go elsewhere. Ignore his hissy fits, his attempts at manipulation, and his attempt to get attention from you, whether positive or negative. If he gets violent or abusive call the cops! If he lives with you and it is your house, put his stuff out and change the locks. If he lives with you and it’s his house, move! If he lives with you and it’s both of your house, get an attorney.

The biggest problem most people have when extracting a parasite is that he or she is softhearted and doesn’t want to hurt the little bugger. Come ON! Get over it! He’s sucking the life out of you! You’ve got to grow a set of balls! Yes women, you too!

Sometimes our emotions get in the way of doing what’s right. And extracting a parasite is the right thing to do!

“But He’s a human being!”


Why do we want to get all soft with parasitic energies?
You know those movies where a woman finds out her guy is with three other women and so she contacts all the women and they are all waiting for him when he shows up for a date with one of them? Why don’t we do that? Because we don’t want to hurt his feelings? We don’t want to embarrass him? Or worse yet we don’t want to face the truth…that he is a life force sucking parasite.

The denial that you have a tick on your back is the worst kind of denial. A parasite sucks! Really!

Do you think he is going to give you a second thought when he is all hooked up to another host? And you are concerned about hurting his feelings? I have news for you. His feelings are so deeply buried that there is nothing to hurt. What you are hurting is his ego and his food supply. He has obviously shown you by now that he has no concern for your feelings. Why should you have concern for his? Really!

Why do we need to be so nice? Why do we need to care so much? Care for those who deserve caring! Be nice to those who deserve kindness. This is the time to get in touch with your inner bitch kitty! Let her out! Let him call you every vile, nasty, hateful thing in the book! Its O.K. Really! He’s just reacting because he’s not getting his way!

"Oh but I want him to see that I’m really a good person!”

Get over it! If your hook is having him see you as a good, kind, loving, attractive, sexy or smart person then you are going to lose! Really!

Let yourself be the Black Madonna! Let the roomers fly that you are the biggest fattest bitch on earth! Wow what a title! Be proud of it! Be worthy of it! Show him he is right!

Don’t try and prove yourself to him! He’s a parasite! What is there to prove to a parasite? Really!

When you have a parasite sucking your life-force it isn’t the time to be soft and gentle! It is time to be the beast! Rip that sucker out be the short and curlys.

Oh I was talking about gentle extraction wasn’t I? I got carried away.

Gentle extraction of a narcissistic parasite would involve starving him until he falls off.

And while you are starving him, feed yourself! Get your energy back. He hasn’t broken you. Not yet! But he will! If you don’t starve him! Give him even the slightest hint of food and he will jump back on and suck away.

Keep a journal and document what happens when you starve a parasite.

“Should I warn the new host that he is a parasite?”

Are you kidding me? And risk having him come back to you? Let him feast! She’ll figure it out soon enough.


  1. Wow Kaleah, that's an incredibly powerful analogy/visual of a narcissist and how to get rid of one. I've been contemplating divorce from a narcissist after 23 years and you've given me something powerful to work with. You're right, I have to ignore him. I've been ignoring him more and more over the last 5 years but I'm still being too nice and he's still hanging on. I have to be a big, fat bitch and be proud of it. Thank you!

  2. Wow, I like the short and curly thing, makes sense, rip em out! I was warned by a psychologist four years ago that my man could be a narcassist and I chose to deny that, etc etc. I'm just realizing it now and reading your article/site has helped me feel less depleted tonight. I've kicked him out of the house and it's been a hard night because I do feel bad for him, but your article has helped my heart feel less broken. thanks

  3. Hi Kaleah-
    Thanks for your words and your most helpful site. I am just getting over a 5 year narcissistic relationship with a woman that I thought was the "One". I miss what we had the first year of the relationship. I made the mistake of always letting her back in! I beleive that I have finally made that cut and your words are most helpful in my healing and recovery. My one comment about your site is that it would be helpful if the commentary was asexual in its writing as there are many female narcissists and male victims needing your help! Thanks for all that you have done for me and others with this wonderful site! God Bless....BT PHX

  4. I agree. I 've been in contact with a narcissistic family since I was in the 2nd grade. They used me and drained me until I was 25. In your splash page for your ebook told how confident and powerful they appear to be and then suck the life and resources. I'm glad that somebody agrees with me. I'm ordering your 100 page ebook in hopes it will prepare me for 2014. Psychic abuse and emotional abuse is two different things.

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  6. The Black Madonna is a true relic from a believing people The Black Madonna is a prominent beautiful statue at the Black Catholic Church I attend. I know YOU do not mean to demean her. Please amend this one part of your very good presentation-which I agree with and see as necessary. I love the depictions of Judith capping (so to speak) Holofernes and had a poster of it. St Catherine of Siena told the Pope off and he listened. The Madonna is the most powerful Woman of all time and her SON reveres her and made her the Queen of Heaven NO not a GOD or a goddess-the Mother of us all.

    1. And that is a lie from Hell. Read your Bible and forget about Babylonian Mystery Religion (Catholicism in all forms). Besides this is a blog about Narcissism/soul suckers (Tares/Cainites Biblically known as the Wicked). Stop straining at gnats and swallowing camels.

  7. I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of a parasite right now. It's my house and my money, you wouldn't think this would be difficult. The thing is that even though he's never been physically abusive, I'm afraid he might hurt me. Really. I'm over worrying about what he will do. But I am scared.

  8. Anastasia, this blog is profoundly true. I suggest you put this person out immediately or risk them claiming a part of your home as theirs. My ex never paid a bill to include mortgage payment but would consistently threaten to take home in divorce. All they want to do is suck the life out of you and financially drain you, and take any property you have, then on to the next victim. For your safety, please leave while you still have home and your life. Wish you the best.

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